Chrissy Mac, RJ Payne
Chrissy Mac, RJ Payne




Philly native, Chrissy Mac, is a Music Business Professional, currently holding the positions of CEO at Chrissy Mac Media and Manager at Isometric Concepts with Shyheim The Rugged. She was the co-founder of the now defunct Educated Ignorance Music Group record label with RJ Payne and PA Dre.

Chrissy grew up with Hip Hop and knew at an early age that she would one day work in the music industry. She started out DJing and writing raps, one of which won a Word UP! Magazine rap contest. She had her own radio show in school, and studied the business side of the music industry. She graduated from trade school with certificates in Audio Production, Marketing, and an FCC license to broadcast. She also holds an Associate’s degree in Information Technology.

An avid lover of music, Chrissy was always networking online and at shows creating opportunities to assist artists in the advancement of their career through guidance of the music industry, business strategies, web presence, marketing and promotion. She has worked with Philly rapper West Philthy in the creation of Rebel Musick Records, Houston rapper Shooter Mac, Buckshot of Black Moon, RJ Payne, Wu-Tang Killa Bee Shyheim, 9th Prince of Killarmy, Gully TV, Corporal AK, Cinema 7 Multimedia Group, Aul Purpis, and many other independent artists.

In 2017, Chrissy was asked to appear on RJ Payne's mixtape "The Ghost of Sean Price" and quickly recognized his talents as an emcee. They began working together and in 2018, she built a label, Educated Ignorance Music Group, for him to release his music for profit. She created and managed Payne’s website, advised him on business, distributed his music, wrote his press releases, assisted in label work, and created social media hype. 

By 2019, Chrissy was in demand with the independent artists requesting the same services for their career. She created EIMG Media (now Chrissy Mac Media) and works as a consultant for various people, projects, and companies.

In 2021, Chrissy started working with Wu-Tang affiliate Shyheim. She built and manages a website with a self-owned subscription streaming service for his record label, Isometric Concepts, and was retained for consulting, administration, and other various projects which led to a position on the ISO management team.

Chrissy works with many clients in different capacities and is involved in several areas of the music industry including media management, podcast distribution, business consulting, and music administration. She is currently a member of Unified Purpose Global with Buckshot, and DJ Jazzy Jeff's Creators Union bringing the industry to web 3.0 and the metaverse.

Chrissy was featured on Jon Connor's album S.O.S. (2020), Big Brick's album Se7en (2020), RJ Payne's The Ghost of Sean Price mixtape (2017), hosted the Rap Delites podcast (2019-2020), and has been interviewed by The Tissue In The Tape podcast, Conversations with Malik podcast, The Street Corner show on Excitement Radio, Da World Iz Yourz Radio Show, Side-B Radio on WPRB 103.3 FM, and was featured in Validated Magazine's 11th issue (2020) .


Chrissy Mac, RJ Payne, The Ghost of Sean Price, P Body

RJ Payne - The Ghost of Sean Price

Chrissy Mac, Jon Connor, SOS, Thank You

Jon Connor - SOS

Chrissy Mac, Big Brick, Se7en, King Tut

Big Brick - Se7en

Spoken Word




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