Full websites include:

  • Content creation
  • Reflection of your image in the design
  • Mailing list sign up form
  • Newsletter templates with your logo
  • Store and checkout for sales
  • Your own domain name
  • Gmail account linked to the site
  • SEO and sitemap data embedded into the code
  • Google Analytics account to optimize marketing strategies
  • Website files organized in cloud storage. 

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Full Website -Request Quote

The Contract


What do both parties agree to do? 

You: You have the authority to enter into this contract on behalf of yourself, your company or your organization. You’ll give us everything we need to complete the project as and when and in the format we need it. You’ll review our work; provide feedback and approval in a timely manner too. You also agree to stick to the payment schedule set out at the end of this contract. 

Us: We have the experience and ability to do everything we’ve agreed with you and we’ll do it all in a professional and timely manner. 


We will create a design using customizable templates provided by the hosting site based on your answers to the questionnaire sent for the website quote. Features can be changed, added, or deleted at any time. You are paying for the  website build, data entry, uploading of files, enabling of features tailored to your needs, cloud storage of your files, and time spent on phone consultations, email correspondence, and researching your work to present an accurate representation of you online. If you require a Bio and Press Kit to be written for you, those will be included in the quote given to you. After the website is finished, we will turn the account over to you and you will be required to pay the hosting site a monthly fee to keep your domain name and website online. We do not update content or manage the website after it is turned over to you. If you would like us to manage the website content, a separate estimate will be given for that at the current hourly rate. 

Text content 

We’re not responsible for writing or inputting any text copy. If you’d like us to write new content or input text for you, we can provide a separate estimate for that. 


You should supply photographs in a high resolution digital format. Header images should be at least 1500 pixels wide.


All videos must me uploaded to your YouTube channel before we can embed them on your website. If you delete the videos from your YouTube channel, they will appear as unavailable on the website. 

Technical support 

We’re not a website hosting company so we don’t offer support for website hosting, email or other services relating to hosting. We set up your site on a host server; you will contact the hosting company for any technical issues with the website. 

Changes and revisions 

We know from experience that fixed-price contracts are rarely beneficial to you, as they often limit you to your earliest ideas. We don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind. The price at the beginning of this contract is based on the length of time we estimate we’ll need to accomplish everything you’ve told us you want to achieve, but we’re happy to be flexible. If you want to change your mind or add anything new, that won’t be a problem as we’ll provide a separate estimate for that. 

Legal stuff 

We can’t guarantee that our work will be error-free and so we can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you’ve advised us of them. Finally, if any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.  


You guarantee that all elements of text, images or other artwork you provide are either owned by you, or that you’ve acquired permission to use them. 

We love to show off our work and share what we’ve learned with other people, so we reserve the right, with your permission, to display and link to your project as part of our portfolio and to write about it on websites, in magazine articles and in books. 


We’re sure you understand how important it is as a small business that you pay the invoices that we send you promptly. As we’re also sure you’ll want to stay friends, you agree to stick tight to the following payment schedule. 

50% deposit required up front for regular price projects, 100% required up front for sale priced projects. 

Cancellation Fees 

In the event of Cancellation, we will be compensated for services performed through the date of cancellation in the amount of $50/hour for all work already performed. Domain name and hosting fees are not refundable. Upon cancellation all rights to the website revert to us and all files sent to us by you will be returned to you and deleted from our workspace.